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CMHS Community Service Program

In support of the Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School mission, we emphasize service as a way to help students come to an awareness of their responsibilities to the local and global community. Volunteering in the community helps the common good of all and through service to others, students demonstrate character, respect for self and others, integrity, and compassion. Responding to those in need is fundamental to living Gospel Values.

Cardinal Mooney has always been dedicated to serving the community. In light of this we developed the Community Service Program, which requires 100% involvement by our students. As a Catholic school, we believe that our students should heighten their sense of social responsibility by their commitment of service to others. This is the principle reason why the Community Service Program was established at CMHS.

What are the community service requirements for our students?

Throughout their high school years, students are required to serve the community through a variety of not-for-profit agencies. As a requirement for graduation from CMHS all students are required to serve a total minimum of 100 community service hours. A minimum of 15 hours per semester for a total of 30 hours per year are required for grades 9 through 11. Twelfth-grade students must complete their last 10 hours during the first semester of their senior year.

CMHS Community Service Verification Form

Examples of Community Service Opportunities

Here are some examples of community service opportunities available through Non-profits at Cardinal Mooney:

Our Commitment

Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School is committed to creating an environment where service to the poor and disenfranchised is valued and integrated into daily life of all. The Community Service Program is meant to expose people to the varied needs of others and to discover ways we can serve.

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